About Mr Joseph Robin

MB.BS. (Hons) F.R.A.C.S (Orthopaedics), F.A. Orth.A.

Mr Joseph Robin
I have been in Orthopaedic practice for over 35 years, and obtained my FRACS fellowship after training in Melbourne on the AOA program in 1977-80. I received my F.A. Ortho. A. Fellowship in 1986 and continue to be a member of the AOA, the AAOS, ASOS, and the AMA. Following Orthopaedic Fellowship training I gained further experience overseas in Bristol and Cambridge UK, and Graz, Austria, before returning to take up consultant positions at the Moorabbin Hospital (1985-91) and the Austin Hospital,(1983-current). I am currently Head of Orthopaedic Unit II at the Austin Hospital since 2001, a unit which has as its main interests hip and knee arthroplasty, joint reconstruction and sports injuries (especially those of the knee).

My own interests consist mainly of hip, knee and shoulder surgery, particularly arthroscopic surgery of the knee and shoulder, sports injuries of all types, and joint replacement surgery of the hip and knee.

My recent interests include alternative treatment of hip arthritis for younger, more active patients (under 65 years), particularly with hip Resurfacing and the use of the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) prosthesis in particular for this group (which I was one of the first to introduce in Victoria), and have been doing this operation now since 1999, with over 400 successfully treated cases to date (2015).

The BHR is a renewed and modernised concept (earlier hip resurfacing was initially introduced in the 1970’s) which now successfully offers significant advantages to younger patients (mobility, stability, near-physiological function, and, most importantly, bone conservation) in addition to the markedly reduced pain and stiffness expected from a conventional hip replacement (THR), as well as advantages to surgeons (relative ease of revision, low dislocation risk, and rapid rehabilitation) and many of these features can also be offered to older patients (in a THR using a large ceramic femoral head bearing on highly cross-linked Polyethylene). For more information on these hip surgical options refer to the following links:

NOTE: the BHR should not be confused with the totally differently manufactured and disastrous “ASR” resurfacing (or the THR) made by DePuy/Johnson & Johnson, a poorly produced prosthesis which resulted in extremely high and rapid rates of wear and corrosion, leading to its complete withdrawal from the world surgical market in 2010, and a Class-Action Lawsuit soon to start
At present (2015) the BHR leads all other hip resurfacings (and many THR’s as well) in survival/longevity (~92% survival at 13 years) and performance (AOA National Joint Replacement Registry 2014), and many individual surgeon’s reports in large series have reported BHR survival rates of 95-98% at 10 years, and longer.